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Social Media & Online Networking

Social media is firmly established as a networking and marketing tool.

Many small businesses are finding that a presence on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook is opening up new lines of communication with customers. But the digital world has not replaced other forms of marketing communication. Instead, businesses now have to ensure that they engage with customers wherever they would like to be found, both online and off.

It’s vital to develop a social media strategy that’s right for the small business.

  • One of the first jobs is to describe yourself or your company.
  • The next step is to build up followers
  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Legal, decent, honest and truthful — is your online marketing up to code?

It’s common for small firms to start out on sites like Twitter and Facebook and then to lose momentum.

So this area needs to be monitored as part of the review process.

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